For The Love of Jewels

For The Love of Jewels

Why Do We Love Jewellery?

So you’re walking down the street on a routine lunch break, barely enjoying your sandwich whilst mentally going over the list of errands for the day- typically groceries, cooking dinner, laundry etc…until your random gaze is interrupted by a giant luxurious shop window beautifully arranged with a glitterati of exquisite jewels! Almost instantly your attention is fixated and so are your feet…you forget everything, your eyes widen, your jaw drops ever so slightly and you exhale a long breath, sigh and think aloud in your head….’Oh My God’ Your posture melts slowly, now turning puppy dog faced, you whisper to yourself ‘soo pretty’!!! Finally in a hypnotic stare you linger on as your eyes scan every inch of this heavenly window, lapping up the vision before you.

There is something enticing about jewels that will promptly rock a girl’s heart. We women & the metropolitan man just love these rainbow hued gemstones seated in the luxury of gold & silver ornaments sought in a multitude of pretty shapes. Indeed they are magnificent and irresistible. But what about them? What captivates us exactly?

It is a fascination beyond words… a love affair. We’re inherently tempted by their stunning beauty. Peering into the shop window or browsing the boutique/store for that matter we’ll be drawn to the biggest rock in a ring with no intention of buying it. This inexplicable attraction to the way it has been meticulously crafted with precious materials. So, is it the way these jewels decorate our fingers & earlobes or the way they adorn our neck & wrist? Do we feel pretty, more gorgeous, royal as a princess? Or is it that we are wearing a ginormous price tag and we feel all luxe and expensive with the jewels on! Because they look simply beautiful and make us feel beautiful? Well, one way of looking at it is, a combination of all of the above! Being a woman, a designer and lover of gemstones & jewels alike I gave it plenty of thought. I have come to realize there are reasons why we are fascinated. For The Love of Jewels is about why.

Natural beauty
First, it is their very innate character, the natural beauty that embodies their existence. The fact that their magnificence is born out of nature’s own geoclimatic recipe. Some of these gemstones, especially the queen of them all ‘the diamond’ (a girl’s best friend) is older than us – man & womankind. Formed millions of years ago as ‘mother earth’ was churning, long before we evolved, their brilliant lustrous body encased in rock miles deep. It is a mission to discover, mine & bring these beauties to the world above. For this reason they’re prized.

Sometimes we just need to see something extraordinary to excite our senses. A punch of intense colour, an exquisite iridescence that captivates your eyes with wonder. I remember looking at a tanzanite for the first time, not in a print but a real 4 carat, oval cut rock touching my palm. It was incredible, as my eyes dove into its royal blue facets. I didn’t know a colour like that could exist in nature, that’s how rare this beautiful rock was. There was a connection without words & it seemed to say ‘adorn me’. It’s easy to give into the temptation when something very rare & exquisite is close to or within your reach.

Fortune & Prosperity
Perhaps it’s the ownership of something so precious & rare that adds value to your assets. Your collection becomes a treasure enshrined in a regal box leaving you with a feeling of sitting atop jewels like a monarch. In many cultures the bride is generously gifted with gold, silver & gemstone studded jewellery to fortify her prosperity. These will stand as her very own veritable bank for the future. There is sentiment and security knowing that there is a fortune that can be passed on in your family for generations to come.

Our souls are intertwined with the planetary entities & cosmic constellations that affect our lives here on earth. Certain gemstones will buffer or enhance the effect of cosmos on us. There’s a whole science behind it believe it or not. We find comfort in knowing that we have an angel showing us the way – gemstones hail this phenomenal power within their mineral structure such that they will attract desirable energies for an abundant life. One that will balance your mind, body & soul. My birthstone is a pearl. Inspired from the circles & punctuation of life I created a marbe pearl bracelet that cools, soothes & adorns.

Symbol of Eternal Love
Our mystic search for the illusive soulmate ends with ‘The One’ (who should be the superstar really!) going down on his knee asking for your hand (bare at the time) in marriage – that moment is all about superstar -The Ring  It marks this once in a lifetime occasion. What could be more perfect than a girl’s best friend- the diamond. The ultimate symbol of eternal bond, the blissful union with our ‘knight in shining armour’ the blossom of our romance honoured with a forever trademark blingy rock that will adorn the ring finger. This diamond signifies timeless love & celebrates the ceremony of wedded bliss that deepens the meaning of shared journey ahead. Mm hmm -for it will always remind you that you are indeed married.

Fashion & Style
In the regal age of empires, jewels were worn by kings & queens. Only the blue blooded and aristocratic were befitting of jewels. Initials, royal emblems & hallmarks were etched into the melange of jewels that were specially crafted for monarchs symbolizing status & affluence. Today, jewellery is so diverse – from precious gemstone, gold, silver to costume beaded jewellery, all of us love to own a collection. It’s synonymous with fashion and is an essential accessory that accents or completes our ensemble. For many of us it represents our personality and style quotient. Whether it’s a statement necklace, a stack of bohemian chic bangles, a pair of stunning solitaire ear studs or a sparkly ring, there is an infinite world of jewels for every one of us gals out there!

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