The Sublime Beauty Of Boulder Opals

The Sublime Beauty Of Boulder Opals

Let the Universe unfold itself to You. This line never made more sense to me till I made Classic Coin. While at IGI Jewellery school some 10 years ago, this design was part of my final portfolio.

classic coin by swaronnah jewelery

At the time, I imagined using a Moss or Tree Agate that emulates a forest like image encased in the natural stone. Couple of years later I included the ‘Classic Coin’ design in my debut collection. I embarked on a journey, my very first trade fair in search of unique semi precious gems that would adorn my designs. As an enthused me traversed the myriad stalls my eyes fell upon a showcase of Boulder Opals.

tree agate semi precious stone 

I didn’t even know what they were called back then, but I was mesmerized by their abstract allure, often resembling satellite images of our Earth. Each artistic pattern in a palate of browns, blues, greens and bone accented by an iridescent sliver of precious opal, made this stone a hit in my heart. Quickly, I joined a small friendly looking group of designers sifting through the tens of shapes scattered in velvet trays. Each one I came across was captivating, inducing a ‘Pareidolia’ effect. I returned home, excitedly unpacked my precious bundle and lay it beside my sketch.

classic coin bracelet

I was overcome by some etheric energy compelling me to believe what I saw. This stone was remarkably close to the sketch I drew months ago. Subconsciously, sheer imagination took me right to the Opals that manifested out of the Universe. This vivid moment for me was an unforgettable one. Sumptuous liquid gold tone metal was the perfect frame for the art in these Bohemian Chic stones.

Ultimately the joy after creating designs, is when others see and admire the beauty in it.

classic coin choker by swaronnah

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