Trendy Toes To Amp Up Your Summer Sandal

Trendy Toes To Amp Up Your Summer Sandal

So we already talked about Finger Lookin’ Good, now let’s talk about those toes that’ll be the star attraction everywhere you go this summer. Pool parties, beach vacations, weddings, barbecues, summer concerts are packed in for each summer. Updating our summer wardrobe is probably the most exciting shopping season. We workout hard at the gym getting bikini bodylicious.

That’s just fabulous but we all know that those bronzed and toned arms and legs could do with that sumptuous manicure & pedicure. Plus the best part about summer wardrobe is shoe shopping. Sandals Galore….this year there’s tons of styles and would you believe it - ‘the flat’ has made a huge comeback & is an absolute favorite of designers, bloggers and stylists . We can now glide in comfort through the summer.

There’s scores of colours & styles to choose from. Just like we accessories our outfit there’s no reason to leave out hands & feet. Simple accents and colour combinations can work wonders to the way your sandal clad feet look. Here I’ve put together3 boards to start making over your feet pretty with trendy nail lacquers & accessories like toe rings & anklets.

For those Psychedelic Divas that Love Colour try out these funky bright duos.

  • cool summer shorts & vibrant over-sized sunglasses
  • wrap skirts & graphic tees
  • mix with a neutral shirt dress

For those ladies that love assortment check these combinations. These are sole zero flats but you can glam ’em up.

  • Monochrome - black & white sandals. All your toes will be seen in the thong jelly and double strapped sandals so instead of the usual pink or red tones paint your nails black on the white sandal or vice versa. If that’s a touch too bold, try the toned down orange. It’ll look beautiful!
  • Animal - inspired prints in Python, zebra & leopard. I’ve chosen current versions of classic red as these create maximum impact. The sandals are busy in pattern & style so classic works. Safari style, linen separates with leather accessories will look fabulous. Add gold aviators for glamour.
  • Alternative Pastels - The boyish open-toe lace up boot looks cool with a bronze nail vanish. Wear with a denim romper and mirror sunglasses. The pink floral thong sandal is for the girly romantic paired with a iridescent nail vanish for a sweet pretty look. Wear with crochet dresses or floral skirts & cut work / embroidered blouses. The studded ankle strapped sandals look cool with a metallic burgundy nail varnish. Wear a maxi dress, tie an artsy silk bandanna, add 70’s style sunglasses, you’re sizzling hot!

Finally what’s a summer without a white dress. For those Grecian Goddesses that love the sultry summer style here I put together sandals that can be bejewelled. I’ve paired foot jewels for a bohemian chic look. You can experiment with nail colour as per the occasion. But my will those feet look pretty with a hint of bling to flaunt at a beach party or sipping cocktails by the pool side!

Go on treat your feet to a stylish summer!

Stay fabulous ladies! xx
Ciao Swarnima.

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