About Us


Indian born, British educated, Canadian living designer behind Bombay Pop is consciously inspired to share style, fashion and bling.


As a little girl I loved watching birds fly. I was curious- What did their journey look like from up there and what unfolded in their aerial travels. I always wondered where they’d fly to, and how long before they’re back. Destination and home are intertwined and this is pretty much my life. I’ve had the privilege of spending half my life in the East and the other in the West.

Growing up in India, a vibrant land of vivacious culture, steeped in history, faith, traditions and secular modernism i adored my childhood identity. To me the spirit of my East lies in its rich tapestry of arts, crafts, textiles, magnificence of jewels, labyrinthine architecture of temples and regal palaces balanced with the anchor of spiritualism. The most beautiful land to me that is fragrant of unity in diversity where 36 states, 7 religions and 800 dialects blend in harmony. If ever you visit you’ll always find smiles even among those that are impoverished. After formal training and experience in the diamond industry I quickly realized my creativity spilling and bursting at its seams beyond the conventions of a job. So, armed with the triad that Mumbai taught me – survival, spirituality and enterprise.

In my adulthood I embraced much like the migrating birds, the joy of freedom in the West. Studying Art and Design, graduating in Textiles and Apparel from the scholarly type institutes of the United Kingdom where I discovered the power of exploration, to question and shape my opinions and tastes. Despite its own dynamic and monarchical stature the society encouraged self expression in a multicultural space.

Happiness, colour and belief signify the charisma of the India that animates a part of me.
At the height of consumerism I indulged in fashion and finesse that is quintessential of European lifestyle.

Bombay Pop is an embodiment of liberty, individualism and style. In the bustling city of Mumbai through its, magnetic, rhapsodic and eccentric energy, my soulful and urbane journeys are galvanized in the form of timeless yet contemporary ready to wear clothing and footwear.